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Reduce wait times

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With iinside’s Location Performance solutions, you’ll receive actionable insights that help you understand – and profit from – customer behavior.


True insight into consumer behavior.

Measuring indoor location data is an integral part of understanding customer behavior. iinside solutions enable you to analyze location data at highly-detailed levels, select specific data queries, organize that data by relevance, or even chart trends over time and across locations. iinside presents convenient visual representations of consumer behavior down to a single meter of floor space. As a result, you gain deeper understanding of what consumers want and how they behave. These precise customer insights enable you to manage more efficiently – and more profitably – than ever before.

A more sophisticated understanding of the true path to purchase means you can do more to provide what your customer needs and operate your business more efficiently.

With iinside, you have a single traffic visualization tool to produce a broad range of actionable insights. From heat maps and sophisticated shopper intent views to performance indexes and comparisons, iinside helps you understand your customer in an entirely new way.
Precise Position Identification
• Highly accurate in large spaces or in confined, busy and “noisy” locations
• Configurable zones allow precision with 1-10 meters adjustable radius
• Accurate within 1 meter of any object

Solutions measure, project and model consumer behavior using statistical sampling methods certified by Equastat and verified by door counts.

Unique Insights
Generate data than cannot otherwise be obtained to understand departmental performance across locations. Analyze the effectiveness of marketing, promotional or display tactics to determine what’s working (or not working) across the company. Understand consumer intent, interest and behavior.

Dashboard is easy to navigate and reports can be customized based on client needs.

Plug-and-Play Positioning System
Infrastructure is inexpensive, accurate, easy to install, customizable and privacy-compliant.

Zone Technology
• Location is observed using small sensors
• Patented algorithms deliver anonymized and aggregate behavioral data
• Data is encrypted and relayed as operational reports and/or through data feed
• Mobile applications are not required

Extensible Platform
• Unrestricted zone shapes
• Low phone power consumption
• Integrates with Location Services, mobile applications and third party BI tools
• Easily installed and scalable

Solutions can be easily adapted as store formats, merchandising mix, promotions or operational issues dictate.

Robust Privacy Protocol
Consumers’ personal information is anonymized and protected: name, phone number, address and other personal details are never acquired unless the consumer specifically registers that information in a store app and opts-in to location-based communication.

Innovative Solutions
We design and build our own hardware and are able to produce exceptional cutting-edge components.