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Our unique expertise in tracking passenger movement through security checkpoint queues has made us the leader for wait time projections within the United States. Our solution is installed at an ever-growing list of US and international airports. The insights generated by the iinside Motion Analytics Platform are shared with our airport customers via our iQueue and iFLow software services.
iQueue is iinside’s queue management solution for providing security checkpoint wait times at some of the largest US airports. Airports are challenged by continued growth in air travel, constrained facilities and increasing pressure to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Real-Time Observations

Airport at-a-glance view of Projected Wait Times for passengers entering the Queue.

Historical Reporting

Dwell Time reporting for passengers leaving the Queue.

Actionable Insights

More than a simple dashboard product. Resource usage and throughput per Queue.

Trending Data

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Comparison Data

Compare the performance of your checkpoints against other local airports (some restrictions apply).

iQueue is iinside’s queue management solution for providing security checkpoint wait times at some of the largest US airports. Airports are challenged by continued growth in air travel, constrained facilities and increasing pressure to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

iQueue delivers a comprehensive and accurate set of metrics that airports can use to manage and improve passenger flow throughout the airport. Our clients have experienced success using our cutting-edge LiDAR based, high-precision solution for managing passenger queues at security check points.

LiDAR protects passenger identities while delivering valuable insights on multiple KPIs, from projected wait-times to passenger counts to flow rates.


iFlow provides full curb-to-gate visibility on passenger movement patterns such as retail shopping areas, curb-to-gate or gate-to-gate transit times and passenger density maps throughout the terminal and areas of interest.

iFlow provides the real-time and historical journey mapping history that airport operators need to improve passenger flow efficiency, to plan for and anticipate bottle necks and to gain valuable information on revenue performance by airport retail operators. By combining iinside’s iFlow movement analytics with retail point of sale or customer visit data, airports and their partners can gain the critical insights required to enhance non-aeronautical revenue.

iinside Developer Platform

Today’s travelers expect data at their fingertips. Whether that’s the latest weather forecast, gate info or security check point wait times, busy travelers expect to be in-the-know.

Airports sit on a large stack of valuable travel data, and by publishing security check point waits, for example, can make a positive impact on the travel experience. With accurate wait-time information, passengers can plan ahead or adjust course from one check point to another, they can also change their Uber or Lyft pick-up times to make sure they don’t miss their flights or avoid leaving an important meeting too early.

Reduce Passenger Stress

Provide security wait-times in your mobile apps

Improve the Passenger Journey

Remove uncertainty from unpredictable security check point delays

Better Informed Passengers

Provide total time-to-gate information, from home or hotel
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Real-Time Security Checkpoint Wait Times

Help your customers decide which security checkpoint to choose when they arrive at the airport. We provide minute-by-minute updates for each queue, letting them know how long it will take them from start to finish.

Security checkpoints are a major chokepoint for travelers and remain as one fo the top requested metrics in many different travel platforms.


Set Expectations with Forecasting

Setting expectations for travelers is the best way to create a stress-free experience. Our analysis of wait time patterns enable us to provide forecasted wait times for any time of the day.

Forecasts are essential for:

  • Airlines
  • Flight booking sites
  • Hotels
  • Transportation apps

Airport Terminal and Checkpoint Mapping

Knowing which terminal is which and the security checkpoints that are available in each can be a mystery for travelers, especially in larger airports. Our database of terminal and security checkpoint mapping keeps your application organized, as well as your customers.
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iinside partner TripIt / Concur integrates our Travel Data via APIs to better inform their customers heading to the airport.
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Essential Information at Any Point of the Travel Experience

Airline booking
Travel preparation
Day of travel
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Our Solution Roadmap

Our vision for improving travel goes far beyond where we at today. We believe strongly in how connected data will enable new scenarios for better serving passengers and increasingly improving the overall travel experience. Future destinations include:


We provide both predictive and historical queue information at security checkpoints and immigration. Our predictive queuing solutions, utilized in several of the world's largest airports, are regarded among the most accurate in the world. With lane detection capabilities, we also provide lane open recommendations by hour and day to improve passenger flow through security.


With access to ticket counter log in data, we can assess staffed positions along with wait thresholds to deliver staff recommendations. We also ingest the flight database for upcoming flight and load impact. Airlines now have the power of proactive staffing, threshold setting, and future staffing recommendations.


Our airport concourse analytics are the most sophisticated in the market. We can ingest existing WiFi and provide location and flow analytics that are hailed as the most visual in the market today. Our passenger flow models can be segmented using the flight database. Using these data points along with our sensors, we can correlate frequency of passenger and value of passenger to the airport. All location and flow analytics can be viewed by airline departure, arrival or transfer.

Airport Retail

Our vast experience in retail analytics allows us to provide airports, airlines, and retailers with action-oriented analytics that drive increased engagement. Airports and retailers gain access to information that will ultimately result in higher sales. We can show the size of the opportunity missed by airport, concourse, airline, and frequency of flyer. Paired with our security checkpoint analytics, we can show wait time impact on retail.


Using our sensors along with the flight database, we correlate baggage carousel wait times by airline. This enables airports and airlines to benchmark wait times and improve ground crew efficiencies.